2015 Editions
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Drone Cinema 2015: Eight Hours of Drone Soundtracks


2015, Edition of 8

Batch One (4 of 8) now available.

Artist Listing

  1. Leukos - Kris Force
  2. Particle Streams - Gary Weisberg
  3. A98point4 - Tristan McGuire
  4. [*]nScape - Michal Seta
  5. Transitus Siderum - Andrea Szigetvári
  6. Drone #2 (Extraction #1) - Frans de Waard
  7. Interrogation of the Crystalline Sublime - Martijn Comes
  8. Subtle Listening - Kim Cascone

Technical Specifications

  • Running time: 8 hours continuous
  • Audio encoding: 24 bit, 44.1kHz FLAC
  • Single board computer: Raspberry Pi B+, Custom software
  • Sabre ES9023 24bit DAC
  • Gold plated professional/audiophile-quality RCA connectors
  • Micro USB power cable included (10')
  • Enclosure: Acrylic (PMMA) theroplastic plates with aerospace grade aluminum hardware

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Additional Info

In 2015 Kim Cascone produced a festival of filmic representations of drones, aptly called the Drone Cinema Film Festival. 

The festival took place on March 27 at a venue in Leiden, Netherlands called Vrijplaats that has a theater upstairs and a vegan restaurant downstairs. The evening consisted of eight transcendental drone films with soundtracks and two exquisite musical drone performances that opened and closed the evening. The event even managed to get a nice review in the online music webzine, the Quietus. 

Shortly after the festival Kim contacted us and proposed a release of extended remixes of the Drone Cinema soundtracks. Each artist on this release provides a one hour version of their film soundtrack, their live performance or a new piece altogether. Drone Cinema 2015 is an eight hour journey of sonic drones meant to be played in the background, during sleep or while working on a PowerPoint presentation at your day job. 

However you decide to listen to this release you will be entranced by the deep atmosphere this release provides.